Mission One Million

(A joint CSR Initiative of IBOEHS-USA & Clovers Safety Services Pvt. Ltd. India)

Providing free safety education to one million professionals across the globe


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About M-1-M

It is the legal, moral and social responsibility of every employer to ensure the safety and protection of their employees, asset and environment around them from all possible harms. But a few safety professionals alone cannot create an accident-free working environment without adequate cooperation of other employees. It is a proven fact that creation and development of health and safety culture in any organisation is possible only through enhancement of knowledge and awareness among the entire workforce.

Keeping the above in mind and as part of CSR, IBOEHS – USA and Clovers Safety services Pvt. Ltd has jointly decided to impart free health and safety education to one million professionals across the globe during 2019.


Our Approach

How employers and individuals can join Mission 1 Million

We have started a YouTube channel, 'Saju Mathew Online Safety University' for providing one-year free video sessions on health and safety topics.

eLearning Portal

Clovers has developed an eLearning platform which can accommodate a million students for continuous health and safety classes anyplace anytime.

Reference Book

We have published a best-selling and most demanded health & safety guide ‘CLOVERS GUIDE TO HEATH AND SAFETY’ written by Saju Mathew for course reference.

Diploma Course

Developed a free program’ Diploma in industrial Safety management (DISM) for those interested in developing their health and safety competency.


Our Faculty

If you really want to be among the best of the best, you have to learn only from the best.
Saju Mathew

Founder & CEO

Adrian Estes

Founder - IBOEHS- USA

Mrs.Anu Sebastian

Head - Training

Sivadas PM

Corporate HSE Manager


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Students Trained


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Global CSR Initiatives


Course Content

We prepare you for any international heath and safety examinations

Free Online Classes

International syllabus covering around 65 Safety topics creating a strong foundation for any other international Heath and safety qualification


Video Tutorials

A dedicated YouTube Channel for simple, complete and popular safety training/induction training videos which are further supplemented by a heap of training PDFs and tutorial videos.


Designated Tutors

A Designated Tutor is assigned specifically  for the class. Tutor  offer one-on-one consultations  to help students understand course content more clearly.


Online examination

Finally the student has to undertake a comprehensive online exam to pass this course. You must score 50% to receive certification. Maximum three opportunities to pass each exam.


Course Benefits

What you stand to gain from this course
Cost Savings



• The least expensive way to train all employees on health and safety.

• It will insist employees to take initiative in learning health and safety seriously.

• Easiest way to change the health and safety culture of the organisation that too without any cost involvement.

• Enrolling employees for DISM program will serve as an evidence of management commitment towards health and safety.

• It would help organisation minimising work place incidents and accidents.

Job Placement



• Study the ropes of a high-paying job virtually for free.

• Can receive most advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety Management qualification( DISM)

• During job interviews, candidates receive an edge over other graduates when holding additional qualification(DISM)

• Diploma learning will help students to qualify for other international health and safety qualifications easily.

• It would also help new employees in minimising workplace incidents and accidents by getting trained in safety.

Easy Promotion



• Staying up to date with the latest health-safety laws and regulations

• Learn how to draft, revise, and/or implement a high-quality safety management policy.

• Learn how to train your team members/colleagues or subordinates on health and safety related issues in the workplace

• Reporting to the management on the effectiveness of safety policies, plans, training sessions, and other programs initiated by you

• Helps you in timely identifying, evaluating, and minimising safety risks in the workplace



What our clients have to say about this program!

I found Clovers Study Guide to Health and Safety specifically written for all those who are preparing for safety qualification examinations and safety job interviews. The language is simple and in bullet format for easy retention.

I highly recommend the use of this guide as a supporting material for job interviews and health and safety examinations.

R Shankar

VP - QHSE | Tata S & B


Why join in Mission One Million

Learn why are safety professionals one of the most sought after candidates in the world today

Nowadays, Workplace Health & Safety is gradually becoming an integral part of planned business operations.

Job Flexibility in
Various Sectors

Health & Safety advisers are employed in a variety of settings and industries thus increasing job prospects.


Employees having safety qualification are allocated the job of overseeing safety as an extra role/promotion.

Pay Grade

Candidates having Safety Qualification can perform additional safety tasks & are thus in a position to draw much higher salaries than other employees.

Training Schedule

As this entire course can be studied online, you have the flexibility to earn a professional degree without compromising your current job role

Valid Diploma

The diploma is accredited by IBOEHS-USA & imparted by an ISO 9001:2008 LMS certified company adding a globally recognized qualification to your CV

Since Mission one million is a joint CSR initiative of Clovers Safety Services Pvt. Ltd and International Board of Environmental Health and Safety – USA, it is offered absolutely free of cost across the globe. However students opting for DISM program should pay the following towards cost of study materials, Tax, E -learning access, certificate and postal charges

Students from India – INR 2200/- (Indian rupees Two Thousand and Two Hundred Only)
Students from outside India – USD 40/- (United States Dollar Forty Only)

*for certain countries additional postage charges may be applicable. Kindly contact your respective country partner.

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How to Enroll

How Employers and Individuals can join the Mission One Million Club

Employers desirous to improve the overall health and safety culture of the their organization can make use of this golden opportunity through

• Encouraging their employees to subscribe and watch you tube channel ‘Saju Mathew online safety university’ on regular basis maximum 15 minutes daily so that overall health and safety culture could be improved

• Insisting their employees to buy ‘CLOVERS GUIDE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY- An ideal guide for all safety job interviews and examinations, written by Saju Mathew.

• Motivating their employees to study online through E- Learning portal supplied by clovers Safety Services Pvt. Ltd. and qualify free Diploma in industrial Safety management (DISM) program conducted by clovers Safety services Pvt. Ltd.

Individuals looking for first time career or career advancement can avail this opportunity by joining DISM and following the mentioned steps

• Buying Clovers Guide to Health and Safety written by Saju Mathew

• Subscribing and watching the Youtube Channel of Saju Mathew Online Safety University on regular basis

• Access E – learning portal supplied by Clovers Safety services Pvt. Ltd through which the candidate can observe and understand advanced safety concepts

• Prepare & appear for the online examination of Diploma In industrial Safety Management (DISM) which is accredited by  IBOEHS-USA 


Our CSR Initiative - Clovers For Dreamers (CFD)

Clovers Group is undertaking a great mission of extending educational support to 1000 destitute female children of AIDS victims, economically/physically challenged parents and daughters of war victims across the globe.
Your joining in Mission 1 MIllion can help save a child's life! 50% of the profits from each admission goes towards CFD

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